Short Sale Assistance

We provide short sale help to sellers at no charge. If you are behind on your mortgage payments and facing foreclosure, we want to help you! Your lender will handle all costs associated with the short sale of your home.

Avoid Foreclosure

A short sale or pre-foreclosure occurs when a lender agrees to accept less than the balance owed on a property. For a homeowner who can no longer remain current on their mortgage payments, a short sale could be an alternative to Foreclosure and Bankruptcy. If you are facing Foreclosure, please contact us. Our short sale agents are experts and are here to help you today. Commissions and closing costs will be handled by your lender.

Steps in the Short Sale Process

  1. We will list your property as a Short Sale Subject to Lender Approval.
  2. You will need to gather the following required documents for us to submit to your lender to start the short sale process.

Short Sale documents will include:

  • Hardship Letter
  • Financial Worksheet
  • 3rd Party Authorization (which allows us to speak to your lender on your behalf)
  • Paystubs, bank statements, etc.

When the initial documents have been submitted, the lender may start the short sale set up process immediately or wait until an offer has been obtained, depending on the short sale program and the lender. Once a negotiator is assigned, they will most likely ask for updated documents. Be prepared to provide updates as quickly as possible and several times during the process.

When an acceptable offer is obtained, we will submit it to the lender along with a preliminary HUD-1, pre-approval or proof of funds for the potential buyer and an Arms Length Transaction disclosure.
The negotiator will order a Broker Price Opinion (BPO), or in case of an FHA short sale, an Appraisal. Depending on the valuation, the negotiator will either accept or counter the offer.

The short sale process usually takes approximately 120 days, but could take longer depending on the lender and your specific situation.

Keep in mind that you are not responsible for commissions or closing costs. Your lender will pay reasonable costs associated with the sale.

If you are facing foreclosure and in need of short sale help, contact us today.

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